There are Many Types of Surgeons Today!

types of surgeonsAll types of surgeons are qualified to perform general surgery but many are specialist in surgical skills that require advance training and skills. The more advance training a surgeon  has, the higher their salaries are. Surgeons in the operating room team up with anesthesiologist, nurses and technicians.

Orthopedic Surgeons

Orthopedic surgeons specialize in treating with problems of the fracture bones, joints, ligaments, knee replacements,and tendons with surgery. Also analyzing the interior of the joints, surgical procedures for back issues and repairing irregular foot or leg growth in kids. Many orthopedic doctors train further in order to become a specialists in knee, hand, spinal or shoulder operations.

Liposuction Surgeons

Liposuction Surgery CostThis particular surrey is among the most well-known and fashionable procedure in the market. It is the method of removing fatty tissue from targeted parts of the body by utilizing a high pressure vacuum that sucks the fat out.
This is a technique that uses a hollow tool called a cannula, it’s placed underneath the skin. Liposuction surgery can eliminate fat from any specific part of the body. The thighs, stomach, butts, chin, neck and the arms are among the examples.

The cost of liposuction surgery is base on the amount of fatty tissue needed to be remove, the location ( liposuction surgeons in New York will definitely cost more than surgeons in Ohio) and how experienced and skills the doctor is. This type of surgery will not be cover by Health Insurance companies because they are not considered medically needed.

Cardiothoracic Surgeons

Cardiothoracic specialists deal with the chest illness and heart. Heart doctors restrict their surgical work to the heart and its main artery. Thoracic surgeons are experts in chest surgical procedure They don’t do surgery on the heart.


Neurosurgeons operation on the head, brain and spine {including procedures for ‘slipped disc ‘). Neurosurgeons in addition perform treatments for hemorrhaging inside the skull induced by conditions like head traumas, aneurysms, brain abscesses, tumors plus inflammation of the pituitary gland.

Otolaryngology – ENT surgeon 

ENT surgeons perform surgery on health issue concerning the adenoids and tonsils, the nose with nasal issues and tumors of the throat. Otolaryngology deals mostly with outpatients and have flexible working schedules.

Plastic Surgeon

These types of surgeons work with procedures concerning the soft cell and skin throughout the body. The talents of plastic surgeons are needed for severe burns and skin deformation; restoration following major accidents or trauma; scares moles or tattoo designs; reduction of unwanted stomach fat from the very overweight including liposuction; plastic surgery of the nose,  ears,face, lips, breasts reconstruction, eyelids and repair of ligaments. Cosmetic surgery is when surgery is performed just to enhance someone’s looks. 

There are many more types of surgeons with different training and skill to help many patients through their tough time. There are lots of surgeons to choose all over the world. Make sure you do your research, read medical news and check the American Board of Surgery ( ).